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Marriage and Family Therapist, License #48562

Company Message

Who Benefits?

The capacity to heal ourselves, our families and our communities comes from the capacity to listen – to be open to, and to respect, the quiet inside ourselves. 

But most of us were taught to ignore or obliterate the quiet inside before we were on our feet. As such, many of us feel we have no alternative but to run half-blind and crazed through the streets. 

I find hope in the belief we are waking to the delicate nature of our bounty -- the endless give and take that reduces and expands us all. There are cultures, of course, that have always lived in the balance of such knowing -- but the long and treacherous birth of the modern world has made it nearly impossible for contemporary people to learn from them.

Whether you are seeking support in working through a personal issue, injury or stressful circumstance, or you are seeking to unstick yourself from the clutter and brambles of contemporary life, I invite you to call. There is much to be gained from an hour of dedicated company. I look forward to meeting you there.

Midtown Sacramento Therapist Rebecca Witter, LMFT

2830 I Street, Sacramento, CA * (530) 863-9499 * email

Helping individuals and couples come alive in their relationships with themselves and each other.