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Marriage and Family Therapist, License #48562

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Topics to Talk About:

Certain categories of human experience lend to craziness more than others. Listed below are a few of those I have explored in depth in my personal and/or professional life and to which I am partial.


Relationships have always been crazy making, but these days, with the divorce rate climbing to 50% in some states, the housewife (chief, cook and bottle-washer) gone the way of wonder bread, and the care of children and aging parents turned into a multi-dimensional circus act, the base line expectation of being in a satisfying relationship, across the lifespan, is grown dangerously thin. Yet current brain science argues we are wired to connect. We are meant to partner up and care deeply for each other. How much of our current level of social chaos is due to our missing the boat on this? What can be done about it? Look for educational workshops on the following:

  • Happily Ever After Revisited - a second glance at love for the young, middle-aged, and aged
  • Parenting and Childhood Development Redefined
  • Adult sibling relationships Reclaimed
  • Adult Parent-Child Relationships Reborn

In the meanwhile, call if any of the above topics rings your bell. 

Being Different: (see page)

  • Being differently wired
  • Being differently perceived
  • Being differently challenged

Life Changes: "Life is what happens when you are expecting something else."

  • Divorce
  • Loss/grief
  • Premature birth

Midtown Sacramento Therapist– Rebecca Witter, LMFT

2830 I Street, Sacramento, CA * (530) 863-9499 * email

Helping individuals and couples come alive in their relationships with themselves and each other.