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Marriage and Family Therapist, License #48562

Company Message


We are a challenged species. 

We are both selves and not selves, here and not here, the same and not the same. We crave autonomy as free-spirited individuals, and yet we seek connection to each other. We organize our social lives around a world defined by time, and root our spirit in a world that is timeless. We value differences (or anyway aspire to), and at the same time argue that no one individual is all that unique.

Growing up is not for the faint of heart. 

Good therapy is about mental accessibility, personal vitality, and emotional integrity. It is about the intention to live well - to seed a life which opens to the sky with abandon, while at the same time burrowing into the soil of ones deepest knowing. Therapy is a resource for the chronically hopeful, as much as it is a safety net for the emotionally and psychologically spent.

In my perfect world, access to an affordable, therapeutic relationship is listed in the U.S. Constitution as an inalienable right. Everyone gets to have the support of someone who is there specifically to help them maintain connection with their innermost selves. No one can't benefit from a "good fit" therapist.

About My Clients

Many of the people I work with struggle with a sense of disjoint resulting from any one of a wide variety of factors, such as:

  • They've lost or temporarily displaced their mojo.

  • They've experienced a crises and/or life passage and feel disoriented

  • Current or past relationships have left them feeling out of sorts with themselves and each other. 

  • Differences – temperamental, cultural/racial/ ethnic, religious, physical, and neurological distinctions (such as Asperger's and the Highly Sensitive Person syndrome [HSP]) have put them at odds with the norm. (Paul says too clinical)

  • Lack of a sense of self-esteem due to early childhood experiences which challenged their sense of belonging and self-worth.

I also see people who are successful, happy and connected - who simply wish to extend their reach, and become more effective at sharing their bounty. 

About My Practice

I work with individuals and couples over the age of seventeen. I am available for early morning appointments (6-9 a.m.) as well as for typical therapy office hours - days and early evenings. 

I am also available for consultation. Unlike therapy, a consultation appointment is a one-time exchange. It is intended to give you the opportunity to touch base with someone outside your immediate circle. Sometimes a relatively unbiased ear is all one needs.