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Marriage and Family Therapist, License #48562

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Mental Health - Unfinished

What is mental health? 

Generous amounts of integrity, vitality and flexibility may be seen as its markers. But these are products of well being. They are not its ingredients. 

I define mental health as the capacity to connect the dots between the world beneath the surface of our lives, and the world above it.   

How does good therapy foster mental health? How does one go about connecting the dots?

I bellieve a shift in thinking about ourselves and our relationship to the world is key to our being able to recover our inner lives. More than skills and perspectives gained (or given up) in therapy, the therapeutic relationship not only promises to awaken inner knowing, it ultimately bridges the gap between our desire to understand ourselves, and our desire to simply enjoy being ourselves. 

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Rebecca Witter, LMFT - Sacramento Midtown Therapist 

2830 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

719 2nd Street, Davis, CA 95616