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Marriage and Family Therapist, License #48562

Company Message

“Remember we are all spiritual beings, trying to have a human experience.”


We are born with an inner “knowing”, an intuitive way of perceiving the world and our relationship to it. This knowing is meant to motivate and propel us through a wild and wonderful journey. More times than not, however, it becomes clouded and distorted by efforts to grow in an unsupportive environment.

All therapy serves as an invitation to come home to our "selves", to clarify the connection between the world that exists at the surface of our lives, and the one which flourishes beneath it. 

Countless roads lead to therapy. Whether you want to heal an old wound, break a bad habit, address a recurring problem, redefine your place in the world (or in a significant relationship) or simply enrich your life, I encourage you to grab whatever excuse life presents to you to engage in a therapeutic relationship with someone trained to help you walk in your shoes, and reclaim your path.

About My Practice

I work with individuals and couples over the age of seventeen who suffer a chronic sense of disjoint. This sense of disjoint may be due to a current crisis, or to past life experiences that may have included various degrees of trauma, loss, abandonment and/or neglect.

I also work with people who celebrate a relatively intact and coherent sense of well-being, and who merely hope to deepen their relationship to themselves and others. 

I am available for early morning appointments (6-9 a.m.) as well as for typical therapy office hours - days and early evenings. 

I am also available for consultation. Unlike therapy, a consultation appointment is a one-time exchange. It is intended to give you the opportunity to touch base with someone outside your immediate circle. Sometimes a relatively unbiased ear is all one needs.

Licensed Marriage

& Family Therapist

Offering short and long term counseling for individuals and couples

"If the link between life experience and deep imagination is inadequate, then we are left with a division between life and soul, and such a division will always manifest itself in symptoms." 

Thomas Moore