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Marriage and Family Therapist, License #48562

Company Message

“Until you can just sit, you cannot find your way.” -- Shunryu-Suzki Roshi

Countless roads lead to therapy. Whether you want to heal an old wound, break a pattern, address a recurring problem, redefine your place in the world (or in a significant relationship) or simply “grow down deeper” I help people connect with that part of themselves which is forever alive.

I am passionate about the privilege given to me to witness and support my clients' efforts to slip below the surface of their lives, and recover their personal, social, and creative sensibilities.

I believe therapy is a resource for the chronically hopeful, as much as it is a safety net for the emotionally and psychologically spent. In my perfect world, access to an affordable, therapeutic relationship is listed in the U.S. Constitution as an inalienable right. Everyone gets to have the support of someone who is there specifically to help them reconnect with their innermost selves. 

About My Practice

I work with individuals and couples over the age of seventeen, and am available for early morning appointments (6-9 a.m.) as well as for typical therapy office hours - days and early evenings. 

I am also available for consultation. Unlike therapy, a consultation appointment is a one-time exchange. It is intended to give you the opportunity to touch base with someone outside your immediate circle. Sometimes a relatively unbiased ear is all one needs.

Licensed Marriage

& Family Therapist

Offering short and long term counseling for individuals and couples

For help especially with:

  • Feeling stuck or disconnected
  • Facing difficult circumstances
  • Addressing relationship issues

  • Navigating retirement, aging, and end of life issues

"If the link between life experience and deep imagination is inadequate, then we are left with a division between life and soul, and such a division will always manifest itself in symptoms." Thomas Moore

Midtown Sacramento Therapist– Rebecca Witter, LMFT

2830 I Street, Sacramento, CA * (530) 863-9499 * email

Helping individuals and couples come alive in their relationships with themselves and each other.