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Marriage and Family Therapist, License #48562

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Emotionally Focused Partnerships

Until recently, couple's therapy consisted primarily of helping partners learn to communicate better, or to become more sensitive to each other's broken places, or to acquire stronger boundaries and better negotiation skills.

According to what we now know about love and adult attachment needs, these models frequently miss the point. We are wired for intimacy. When we sense our partner is not there for us (in either a big way, or in many small ways) a panic button gets pushed, beyond our awareness. This in turn triggers a response - beyond our awareness - to either fight for contact, or withdraw from expectation. Until we come to know and respect our panic buttons - and are able to develop a conscious response to their being triggered - our intimate relationships are bound to falter. Dr. Johnson provides a map for relationship which takes the mystery out of the challenge of living happily ever after. Below are three resources to whet your appetite. 

Dr. Sue Johnson

"An absolute must for anyone who wants to understand how Love Makes Sense. ...We need no longer wander in the darkness, stumbling from one disastrous relationship to another. Read this book and learn how to create a life that is a safe haven for love." Dr. John Gottman, PhD

Dr. Sue Johnson

Blends research with wit and compassion, and offers a map for rewiring the reflex that most commonly interferes with our ability to connect with a few special others. Dr. Johnson is a clinical psychologist, a Distinguished Research Professor at Alliant International University in San Diego, the developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C), and the recognized leader of the new science of relationships. 

Dr. Sue Johnson - 6 minute video

Do you know what you want in a long-lasting relationship, and what you can do to increase the odds of getting it? 

  • Four Short Articles

"Love is a very special kind of emotional bond, the need for which is wired into our brain by millions of years of evolution. It is a survival imperative. The human brain codes isolation and abandonment as danger and the touch and emotional responsiveness of loved ones as safety, a safety that promotes optimal flexibility and continual learning." (From, "My How Couple's Therapy Has Changed!")

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